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Natural Dye Kit

Natural Dye Kit

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In 2020, Eco-Friendly Collection Nuala has started. The products are dyed in the island of Setouchi where our designer atelier is. For safe and secure materials, some of the dyeing materials are grown on our own farm. The combination of plants and minerals creates an endless array of colorful colors. Colors born from traditional Japanese dyeing techniques are also suitable for modern lifestyles.


Dyeing material:




Madder+ Iron

Coral red

Indian Madder+ Alum

Blue violet

Cochineal Extract+ Logwood+ Iron+ Alum


Madder+ Japanese Sophora+ Marigold (home-grown) + Alum+ Copper


Cochineal Extract+ Madder+ Alum+ Iron


Cochineal Extract+ Rose (home-grown)+Alum


Madder+ Cochineal Extract+ Alum

Lemon Yellow Japanese Sophora+ Marigold+ Alum
Baby Pink
Cochineal Extract+ Alum


In order to eliminate inventory waste, we produce all our products as undyed plain and dye them each time orders are in. It takes time to deliver the dyed products, so please be aware of it. This is an environmentally friendly business that eliminates inventory waste.


Powder that cracked organic plants and mineral powder is in the kit. You can dye natural-fiber clothes yourself for about 30 minutes. Wastewater would not be polluted because the kit contains only natural material. 

You can dye 150g of cloth with one pack of powder. Natural Dyeing Kit- small contents one pack of it. Natural Dyeing Kit- large contents two packs of it.


Plants cracked powder

Mineral powder

Mesh for filtering the dyeing material

Handling manual (Japanese)





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